Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miracle Battle Carddass - One Piece Mechanics

As you can see that "DEVIL FRUIT" is the main mechanic of One Piece. There are all sorts of characters that come with their own fruit ability. Just mix and match and see what you can come up with! Next session will be on "Dragon Ball Kai!" *Images are taken from the Official MBC Site and translated by JJP.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chaos COTD 12/6/2012

Hi all. Once again bringing you guys an '&' COTD.

Maki's effects are as follows:

[Entry Cost] Put one of your Characters from Face Up+Stand to Face Down+Reverse.
Main(Turn1)= [Drop 2 '&' cards from your hand to the Waiting Room]. All of your opponent's Characters receive 3 Damage. If your opponent has a Face Up Character that is receiving boosts to Attack and Defense from a Continuous effect, deal 7 Damage instead.

A fierce card that follows in it's predecessors footsteps. The burn locks down on players who would wish to buff their Characters and severely punish those who would already be using Continuous effects. Any card that gives Anti-burn(Cushion X where X is the amount of out-of-battle damage reduced) can reduce the effectiveness of this card's effect but a well timed Set Burn or an event that Faces Down the 'protecting' Character can devastate your opponent's field.(Unless he plays like a Medical Dragon XD)

Higher stats and with the same effect cost as entry cost
The same effect but with different stats

Monday, June 11, 2012

ChaOS COTD 11/6/2012

I just realized that I have nothing much to write on weekends. And that we are all neglecting WS for some reason. So anyway back to today's topic, also from '&' -Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni-, is Mahori Tsukasa.

This is the 2nd can-be-Partner-material Character shown so far.

Her effects are:
[Entry Cost] Send 1 of your '&' -Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni- to the Waiting Room.
Auto(Partner)= At the start of your Main Phase, draw a card. This ability activates even when Face Down.
Auto= At the end of your Turn, if your opponent has 10 or more cards in his Backyard, put all your '&' -Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni- Characters from Tap to Stand.

This card is pretty fierce if you ask me. A standard partner-effect to maintain hand-size(Too much is still bad though.) and a 2nd effect that looks as if several cards were merged together. Only recently have decks centered on Backyard-ing cards come into play(1st time I saw something that did Backyard-ing was Steins;Gate and the the 1st time I saw a Backyard deck was Yumiko from Le Labyrinthe de La Grisaia). Anyway, this card has a 'hidden' use in that the 2nd effect can be played as a Friend! This means that you forgo the bonus stats and hand-size for an a potential full field of Characters that can declare Guard on your opponent's turn. If you think it's difficult to get 10 cards in your opponent's Backyard, think again. There are Events and Extras that require a player to Backyard a certain number of cards from his Waiting Room. There are also certain Characters that give the ability to Backyard a set number of cards each time the criteria for their effects is fulfilled.

Once again, this leaves much to the imagination on what Bushiroad will create next XD

Opp 10> Backyard,start of your battle phase tap 1 of his friends.

Whenever any of your MajiKoi Charas do battle dmg to your opp, backyard 3 from opp waiting room