Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miracle Battle Carddass - One Piece Mechanics

As you can see that "DEVIL FRUIT" is the main mechanic of One Piece. There are all sorts of characters that come with their own fruit ability. Just mix and match and see what you can come up with! Next session will be on "Dragon Ball Kai!" *Images are taken from the Official MBC Site and translated by JJP.


  1. I've been trying to translate this stuff into English on my own and I gotta say it's pretty tough. This was really helpful, any more would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Most one piece characters have a cost other than zero for their first level. Can they still attack without Jump Power? In other words, with that white Luffy card, does he need to have 2 jump power before he can attack? If he does attack without the Jump Power, will he have the BP of 6000? Or is he unable to attack until he has 2 Jump power?

  3. The cost for One Piece is just for equipping the devil fruit, in the case of white Luffy, the moment he enters the field, he has 6k power, regardless of jump power, but once he has 2 Jump Power, you can equip devil fruits to power him up.
    This is different from set like dragonball, where the jump power affects their power levels.
    To determine if the jump power affects the power level of the card, you can look at the black handle behind the jump power icon, if it is connected to the power level, this shows that you need the stated jump power to reach that power level. In One Piece's case, non of the cards as far as I can remember have the black handle which is connected.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Hello, I have just been collecting One Piece Cards. This page has been very informative. Thank you for your help.
    When you equip a Devil Fruit card to a character, that means you can't activate the action content, correct?

  5. Yes, when you activate a devil fruit, u "set" it under the character, leaving only the part of the card that shows the devil fruit effects showing, hence it is no longer treated as an action card.
    However there are devil fruits with the effect that after you cast it as an action, you can equip them to a character that fulfills the requirement of the devil fruit without costs.

  6. Thanks for the reply. It was helpful.
    Another question regarding Devil Fruits.
    Suppose that you have a Cost 3 Luffy card on the field.
    He already has 2 jump powers and a devil fruit card attached.

    If I use up whatever amount of energy cards to summon a cost 7 luffy, since I can't have two luffy on the field at the same time, I can replace the lower cost luffy with the higher cost luffy on the field.
    However, does the new luffy keep the devil fruit?
    I believe that the new luffy can still keep the 2 jump power.

  7. Yes that is correct, Luffy will retain his Jump Power from the previous Luffy, however the devil fruit will be sent to the trash.

  8. I have checked the Q&A and the interactive tutorial of the miracle battle website and it claims that the devil fruit can be attached to the new character of the same name

  9. I am programming & translating an English version of this game and was curious if you could explain the 'Guts' mechanic.
    My Japanese is around JLPT 3, not good enough yet.


    PS: If you would like to Beta test with me, just let me know.

  10. "RuggedSource" do you still have a translating version of this game?
    I would like to know many effects , so i could learn it from your programming version maybe :)